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PostSubject: [b]~RULES~[/b]   Sat Aug 15, 2009 12:43 pm

1.) When you post, it's the same as speaking face-to-face; so be polite and think before you type. Furthermore an attempt at proper English grammar is required. However exceptions to this will be made if English is not your first language.

2.) If you are having a problem with a fellow board member, PM either an Administrator or Moderator, these are the mods and admins who are around to solve these things.

3.) No double posting. Allow 60 minutes/1hour between posts in the same thread unless someone else has posted after you. e.g. you make a post at 7:34
no one makes a reply
you make another post at 8:01 - This is not allowed
you make a post at 7:34
no one makes a reply
you make another post at 8:34+ - That is allowed

4.) Personal avatars should be limited in size to 200 pixels high by 160
pixels wide. If those standards are not followed, the administrators have the right to change your avatar without warning. Also signatures are also limited in size: 300 pixels wide and 100 pixels high is the highest tolerated.

5.) Most importantley have fun. Share your work with others and make friends. Very Happy
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